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As a TED speaker, I provide engaging and entertaining talks at conferences, corporate events, exhibitions and festivals. I am also available for keynotes, hosting, panels, seminars/workshops, and after dinner speeches across the UK and internationally.

I regularly speak at schools, colleges and universities; careers talks for young people have been proven to directly increase educational attainment (BBC), pupil motivation and exam grades, which can improve overall school rankings - as well as significantly higher earning by their 20s (FT). I also offer virtual speeches via Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams.


Please see testimonials for both virtual and in-person talks, along with popular topics below. Contact me for further details, dates and rates.


For media and press inquiries, please download my Media Kit​


Sample Topics for Events​

  • The 25before25 story

  • Readings and discussion of The Radical Sabbatical book

  • The future of work

  • Women in the workforce

  • Career change

  • How to find fulfilling work

  • How to start your own portfolio career

  • Why employees with portfolio careers is good for business

  • What to do when you don't know what you want to do

  • Why you should do work experience at any age

The face of someone trying to convince t

Sample Topics for Corporates​

  • The 25before25 story

  • Millennials in the workforce

  • The future of work

  • Women in the workforce

  • Alternative ways of working

  • How to make flexible working work

  • Networking (including social media)

  • Why employees with portfolio careers is good for business

A few snaps from speaking to _uniofexete

Sample Topics for Schools & Universities​

  • The 25before25 story

  • Careers education and advice

  • The future of work

  • ​Alternative ways of working

  • Networking (including social media)

  • How to find fulfilling work

  • What to do when you don't know what you want to do

  • Why you should do work experience and how to get placements 


Emma Rosen.JPG

Thank you so much for a great talk to our Year 10 pupils to kick off their Employability Day. Pupils were incredibly positive in their feedback and they were raving about your positivity and openness on all your reflections. It was a session that I could've done with hearing myself 15 years ago!

Amandeep Jaspal, Careers and Employability Specialist, Highgate School

Thank you for coming to kick-start our Career Event for Year-11. I was very pleased with the message that you conveyed about the value of work experience and the need to explore options, even if not necessarily insisting on 25 different placements for every boy! I was especially pleased with the way you handled questions – it is so important to give students the time to discuss matters arising from a talk such as yours rather than filling the time with content.  The quality of the questions reflected the value of your presentation

George Fussey, Head of Careers, Eton 

Thank you for your keynote at our 'To Train Or Not To Train' conference– you were AMAZING!! The feedback has been great so far and you really gave the businesses attending inspiration to work with young people. I genuinely think you have changed how multiple businesses will work with their younger workforce moving forward!

Zoe Maylam, FIRST Network

**Virtual Speech**

Your session with us was such a success – it was the perfect opener to an afternoon of inspiration and open-mindedness. To hear from you about the value of turning your approach to considering a career path on its head, focusing much more on the process than starting with the end point, was truly eye-opening and freeing to so many of the girls. The practical advice you gave them just invaluable, and so much more powerful coming from someone relatable, like you. Thank you.​

Louise Scott, Head of Careers, Royal High School Bath

**Virtual Speech**

Emma is a breath of fresh air and the students loved her presentation. Your honesty and frank presentation style was perfect for the end of three days of virtual preparing for life beyond A levels. The fact that 146 students stayed until the end proves how well you engaged with them. Your story is inspirational and we were honoured to welcome you to our School. I think it really opened student minds to how little they know about the world of work and how important the skill of networking is. Let’s hope we can have you back next year!

Clare Brown, Head of Careers, Caterham School

**Virtual Speech**

Emma's talk is engaging, professional and directly responds to the challenges of 21st-century employment facing many young people. Her radical sabbatical offers her a great deal of experience from which to draw and illustrate, as does her varied experience as a speaker and author since. Having heard two of her talks now, I would certainly recommend her to other schools and absolutely intend to have her back in future years.

Z Suckle, Head of Careers, Dean Close School

**Virtual Speech**

Emma's talk did exactly what I hoped it would, which was to make our Lower Sixth think more laterally about their career journey and lift their heads up from the sense of an almost preordained path and be curious about what they could do, and have the courage to explore it.

J O'Hanlon, Head of Careers, Dauntsey's School

**Virtual Speech**

Emma delivered an insightful and engaging talk, providing lots of useful information about the modern careers market. Our students took a lot from it. I would certainly book her again.

  James Armstrong, Head of Sixth Form, John Lyon School

Emma’s talk really made our students think about their decisions and she was besieged with questions at the end. Her ‘25before25’ journey is inspirational and Emma’s account of her experiences was captivating. Emma made our students think about such crucial aspects of their future lives, and her advice was invaluable.

Mark Woodward, Head of Careers, Bablake School

Apex Connected sponsored Emma to speak at a series of schools across the Midlands about careers and the importance of work experience. Emma's talks clearly had direct impact on the pupils she spoke to and has helped us give back to the communities we support.  Her alternative perspective on how to choose a career is truly thought-provoking & inspirational.  I only wish this sort of advice had been around when I was at school!  It all went so well that we have sponsored her to come back and speak at another school next month!

Debbie Snelson, Apex Connected

When hiring a moderator for The Future-Proof Festival, I wanted someone professional, personable and with their own inspiring story to share. Emma was all that and more. She captivated and entertained the audience, dealt incredibly well under pressure and reflected the brand and its values perfectly. I can't recommend her enough. 

Bianca Bass, Marketing Director, Jolt

Emma was brilliant hosting our Better Future Tour for Shell. She provided the keynote speeches making predictions about the state of workplace gender issues and compered our panel. All delivered perfectly to brief and the students loved hearing about the 25before25 project. Shell, the sponsor of the event, were really happy too. Definitely would recommend.

Simon Lucey, Hype Collective


Emma was an engaging and inspiring speaker and really helped our guests with her advice and encouragement.

Helen Crowther, Alumni Groups and Networks Officer at Exeter University

I really enjoyed the presentation today at the Debut.Careers event, and thank you for your advice at the end. Hearing your presentation really lifted the worry that I had to sign a chunk of my life away. It was eye-opening hearing about the other ways I can find the right role/life for me.

Matthew Harrison, University Student 

I was at the Exeter Alumnae reception last night. Just wanted to say how refreshing your talk was. And, your generation have so much to teach people around social media and use of technology. I have a reverse mentor for this. Invaluable.

Lucy Weldon, Career Coach

Great to hear you speak tonight at the Exeter University Women's Alumnae event - the 'post-grad scheme disillusionment' you speak of certainly seems rife amongst the Exeter alumni population - thanks for sharing you experience and representing millennial alumnae on tonight's panel.

Abi Devany, Business Improvement Analyst, TUI 

Emma is a highly skilled communicator with a fascinating story to tell. She made our students think carefully about what they might really want to get out of work, in what will be a very fast-changing future.

Dougal Hand, Head of Sixth Form, Emanuel School

Emma's 25before25 story is inspirational and our students gave some wonderful feedback. With our learners all having to complete work experience as part of their study programme, I can already see many of them more engaged and actively seeking opportunities based on Emma's advice and motivation. Add to that, also looking to gain multiple work placements and in turn building their skillset and network. Thank you Emma! 

Stephen Bewick, Head of Careers, Oaklands College

Really entertaining and interesting talk today. The students were talking about your career experiences during the following lesson. I will definitely be integrating some of your ideas into their Work Experience unit. Well worth the time.

Paul Kirikal, Lecturer, Oaklands College

Emma was entertaining and informative in her delivery. In fact so much so that the feedback we received from the students has been incredibly positive with many of them saying that her talk has really motivated them to take on more work experience and try new things. All-in-all Emma’s talk was not only incredibly engaging and entertaining but also relayed an important message to our young students about being confident to try new things and keep their options open. Thank you Emma.

Zoe Baines, Development Director, St Helen’s School

Emma's talk was engaging and encouraged students to think in more depth about different careers. Her experience in these areas, and her personal anecdotes from each career, really inspired our students to think creatively about their futures.

Charlotte Harrison, Development Director, St Margaret's School

One of the best travelogues I have ever seen.

Steve R., Chairman of St Albans' Photographic Society

TRT World Roudtable, 4th September 2018.

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