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Career change

Careers Advice for Adults

I want to make career happiness as achievable, easy and low risk as possible by providing relatable and accessible careers advice for adults; because 54% of people want to leave their jobs and that's not good for anybody - you or your employer.

This is a blog for you if you grew up not having the faintest clue what to do with your life. You drifted through the education system and when it got to your final year, you panicked. You applied for 37 different jobs in nearly as many different industries and you accepted the first job offer you got. Turns out you don’t like this one so much. You have a few years’ experience in it now, but are still no closer to figuring out what you would really like to do than when you were aged nine.

Now you feel trapped.

This is a blog for you if you grew up knowing exactly what you wanted to do. You might have spent years of your life training for it and thousands of pounds paying for that education. Then you finally got there. Turns out that it isn’t the golden career you thought it was. Turns out you were wrong, and this isn’t your life’s dream after all.

Now you feel trapped.

Show time! Such a pleasure to partner wi

I have never known what I wanted to do for a living and that was part of the problem; I simply needed some ideas of career options. After spending a year in a 9 to 5 office job, I resigned and took an entire year to focus on finding my ideal career - a radical sabbatical. Here are the most popular blogs on unusual careers I tried:

Change of Career Ideas

Best Career For Me & You

How did I know which jobs to try and objectively evaluate which one I'd be best suited to? I spent time drawing up a list of ten criteria of things that I was looking for from a job; one of my key pieces of careers advice for adults. This included things like making a difference, creativity, some non-desk based work and innovation. 

Read more about:

A few snaps from speaking to _uniofexete
Aerial View of a Field

Alternative Ways of Working

​One of the main goals of this blog​ is to show you that there are plenty of alternative ways of working than the traditional 9-5, without sacrificing a salary. Whether it is a portfolio career, freelancing or being a digital nomad, you really can have it all. Here is how:

What did I do next?

After a year of exploring so many different roles, interviewing lots of experts, speaking to plenty of you and conducting extensive research, here is what I did next, hint it involves giving lots of careers advice for adults!

The night I learned that I had terrible
Painted Desk

The aim is to help others find their way

25before25 has inspired many others to follow a similar path. This is what Bethan Vickers had to say...

"When I graduated last year I found myself a bit lost and to be quite honest afraid to jump into a career. My mum told me about how she had heard of you and the idea of 25 jobs before you are 25...


I can honestly say working freelance/job hopping has left me with so many skills (cocktail bartender, bar manager, barista, kitchen staff, event manager, hostess, pet shop worker, flower arranger, teacher, therapy assistant, leafleter, model . . . The list goes on). It has humbled me, given me confidence, taught me so much about others and myself and most importantly taught me to jump in. It has left me with the ability to say okay I haven't done this before but it doesn't mean I can't do it or I can't learn to do it. I have met so many new people and been in so many new situations. Also amazingly because it's mostly short term or freelance it has left me with the time and flexibility to travel either during or in between jobs.


Since my last exam at university last year I have visited over 26 countries and counting, I have tasted over 60 different gins from around the world and might even be looking at moving to china, or pursuing a career in autism therapy, or both!


So I just want to say thank you."

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